coast to coast

this past january i talked 3 of my friends into going to disney with me. i dreamt of running the goofy challenge (go big or go home, right?). that's a half marathon on saturday and a full marathon on sunday. the races start at 5 am and meanders in and out of the parks. disney is the happiest place on earth, right? so why not run my first (and maybe only) marathon there, right?

well two of my friends that i invited were not runners at the time, but they are now! and they ran their first half that weekend. the other, my running mentor and bbf, totally kicked the goofy challenge's butt.

so after we conquered that, we found out that if you do both disney parks, (florida and cali) in the same calendar year, you get the coast to coast medal. yes, i am all about the bling. so starting june 20th, i will officially be back in training for the inaugural dumbo double dare, that's a 10k on saturday and a half marathon on sunday. in my mind and knowing the torture of the goofy, this is much for doable. i am so excited about going but i hate to fly. 

to continue on, we are running the disney tower of terror in oct, in florida. also very excited about this!